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NOTE: Watch older episodes at https://www.periscope.tv/@yourNSCA and https://www.periscope.tv/@SHARON_SAUER

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Whole Body Pain Key Chart (11×17)      60 Treatment & Self-Care Protocol Handouts

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Range Of Motion Testing                         Patient Management, Evaluation & Tracking Forms



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Bodywork is possibly the best way to awaken the innate intelligence lying dormant within you.  As you learn to feel, evaluate, correct and use each part of your body, you are accessing incredible amounts of tactile, unspoken intelligence and it changes you forever!  Not to mention, you relieve pain, increase health, strength & vitality, as well as enjoy yourself!



This is the education everyone should have received in their professional training schools, but is rarely taught adequately. This course teaches everything you need to know to successfully eliminate pain and dysfunction from myofascial causes head to toe! You will learn the 3 part assessment, 3 part treatment, 7 underlying perpetuating factors of pain, as well as full Applied Kinesiology muscle testing methods for nearly every muscle in the body.

Even better, the main advantage of this course is the mastery that the teachers possess.  The best way to awaken your own intelligence and skills is to work with highly realized teachers in their fields.  Sharon Sauer is a true master in the field of Bodywork, and you will learn in this highly engaging course to work, evaluate, instruct and think like she does in her 30-plus years of practice.  Dr. Justin Tossing is a brilliant Applied Kinesiologist and chiropractor, though retired from private practice, and he will teach you the immense wisdom that comes from interacting directly with the nervous system through muscle testing.


We are using the greatest new format for LIVE WEBINAR EDUCATION created by Twitter, called PERISCOPE. Because it’s live broadcast, we’re able to offer 2 FREE CEUs per class!

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Please help this FREE course go viral!  Once we have a strong course going, we will launch a powerful National Self-Care Alliance to support all bodyworkers in all professions and bring their important work center-stage in the public awareness!  Thank you for your support and dedication!