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The key to maintaining a pain-free, healthy life lies in developing an understanding about how your body works and engaging in a regular practice of self-care.

To help our patients and others interested in eliminating muscle pain and dysfunction, we have compiled a set of useful resources. Here’s a great starting place below. As we discover new and interesting resources, we will definitely share it. Return often to see our latest recommendations.

Symptom Checker: A tool to help you identify the symptoms and pain patterns associated with each muscle group in the body.

Our Book:  Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain: The book we wrote to help people struggling with low back pain find relief through non-aggressive therapeutic protocols, and to help spread the word about the value of myofascial trigger point therapy.

Links: A list of our favorite websites, vendors, and educational resources related to muscle pain and dysfunction

Recommended Reading:  A list of articles and books which offer deeper insights into myofascial pain and dysfunction