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Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain


Book: Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back PainWe wrote Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain to spread the word that a low-risk alternative to more aggressive treatments — like drugs or surgery — exists for chronic low back pain.

The book is a great resource for people experiencing chronic pain, as well as for the practitioners who are treating them.



What Can Cause Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is often caused by a phenomenon known as “referred pain,” meaning the muscles where you feel the pain are not the same muscles which cause the pain.

An interesting example (explained in the book) is the case of sacroiliac pain (around the base of the spine) which is sometimes caused by referred pain from the soleus muscle in the back of the calf. There are eleven different muscle groups in the back, abdomen, hip, buttocks, thighs and calf which can refer pain to the low back.

By treating these muscles, we are often able to alleviate the referred pain.

How Can The Book Help?

Over many years of clinical practice, we’ve found that the relief of myofascial pain is more rapid and complete when the patient takes an active role in the healing process. As such, we believe that self-care training is as important to the healing process as therapeutic treatments are. The background information, treatment protocols and self-care exercises contained in our book are great resources for patients and hands-on practitioners dealing with chronic pain.

Where To Get A Copy

Initially published in April of 2010 by New Harbinger, the first printing has sold out and a second printing is under way. The book has also been published in Japanese with a Korean translation soon to follow.

If you’re personally experiencing persistent low back pain, or if you’re a hands-on practitioner treating patients with chronic pain, we invite you to purchase a copy of our book.