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Nashville Training Program

The Nashville-based MYO Seminars training series began on February 18-19, 2012 and will continue throughout 2012 and early 2013. Below you’ll find additional details about the training series, the curriculum, registration fees and other important logistics.



The training program offers a review of the anatomy of the body region being studied as well as the principle referred-pain patterns and methods for determining which muscles are causing referred pain. Training is based on the Travell and Simons protocols. Each course consists of:

  • lectures on the appropriate treatment protocols for each of the principal pain patterns
  • hands on activities including massage, compression, contraction, and stretching
  • self-care training using appropriate self-care tools and movement exercises
For a more detailed overview of the training program, visit the What Is MYO Training? page.



Weekend courses are two days in duration.

Saturday sessions run: 10am to 6pm

Sunday sessions run: 8:30am to 5:30pm



All training courses will take place at the:

Mind Body Institute

2416 Music Valley Drive

Suite #119

Nashville, TN 27214



Initial Deposit
In order to reserve a spot in the Nashville training program, it is necessary to make a deposit of $350. Interest in the new training program is strong, so to ensure fairness, registrations will be processed in the order deposits are received.

You may submit your $350 deposit here:

Remaining Payments
After you submit the initial deposit and your seat in the training program is confirmed, you have several options for submitting the remainder of the program tuition. The following table contains a breakdown of the total program costs and payment plans available:

2 Installment
1 Installment
1 Installment
Plan (Early)
Total Cost Full Price 10% Savings 15% Savings 20% Savings
$4200 $3780 $3570 $3360
Deposit $350 $350 $350 $350
Remaining $350
(11 months)
$1715 (by Feb 20)
$1715 (by May 20)
(by Mar 15)
(by Feb 5)
Pay with PayPal
Pay for Nashville Training - Monthly Installments
Pay for Nashville Training - 2 Installments
Pay for Nashville Training - 1 Installment
Pay for Nashville Training - 1 Installment (Early)


Referral Discounts: 
Those who register in advance are eligible for an additional discount of $350 for each person they refer to the program no later than February 15, 2012 who subsequently registers and pays for the entire training program. Names and contact information for prospective registrants must be submitted to Myo, LLC in writing prior to February 15, 2012 to be eligible for this discount.



Prior to the first course in the training series, students must purchase and read the following:




Registrants for the Nashville program who are unable to attend one or more of the Nashville workshops will be allowed to attend the same workshop in Chicago at no additional charge at any time prior to December 31, 2013.



Each weekend workshop provides 14 CEU credits and the entire program is accredited by NCBTMB, totaling 168 credit hours for the entire program.