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What Is Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy?

The word myofascial refers to the muscle tissue (myo) and the connective tissue that is in and around it (fascia). When stressed or injured, the muscle and connective tissue can form trigger points — or contracted knots — that cause pain and tightness.


Our therapeutic approach focuses in three areas:


Understanding where your pain is felt helps us determine which muscles may be causing it. For example, certain kinds of low back pain can be referred from trigger points in the abdomen. So, before we dive into treatments, we evaluate the possible sources of your pain,


Treatment consists of massage, manual or acoustic compression, stretching and contraction. Some patients may tolerate only very slight pressure at first while others may request a much greater level of compression. The patient is the determining factor.


Chronic pain yields best to frequent treatment. As such, we teach you simple self-care techniques to help you deal with acute activations and speed the healing process in between formal treatment sessions. We often recommend two short self-care sessions daily especially at the beginning of treatment. Working together in this way, we can accomplish more rapid and complete pain relief.